So stoked to be offering mentor sessions to all of you out there!

I certainly know how it feels, to feel a little lost

when you decide to jump into this hobby, you're so passionate about 

& pursue it as a career. But don't worry, I am here to help you out!

The mentor sessions will be in person (if you're located near Vienna) or will be help via

FaceTime if you're not close by. I will be going over the topics listed below & will be open to

any questions you may  have. The topics listed below, are topics I get frequently

asked questions about & ones. I think are important to go

over, as they are big components of how I got where I am at now!

Cheers to learning new things & meeting new people, xx


How to use your camera on manual

The booking process with clients


Consultations with clients


Posing & directing 


Social media






Which camera & lens are best for you




My editing process




Vendor relationships


I will be open to any questions you may have, don't be scared! 


In person or FaceTime one-on-one mentor session

Want to see how I work with my clients at a shoot?

I will set up a couples shoot for us to go out & have a

live shoot with a cute couple, madly in love!

Couples & love isn't your thing ? Thats okay! I will set up a shoot with a model &

we can take some bad ass portrait photos, styled by my favorite Vienna boutique. 



M E N T O R  S E S S I O N